For those of you that are first timers to the Promise Walk, WELCOME! My name is Megan Stuart. My daughter was born May 31st, 2008 weighing 3 lbs 9 oz and was 17 inches long. She was delivered via emergency C-section because I developed  Severe Preeclampsia with HELLP syndrome. It is a horrible disease that no one has the answers to, yet!
Date:             Saturday May 12th 2012 
Time:              9:00 am
Location:       The North Conway Community Center
                      Norcross Circle North Conway, NH 03860 
Time:              Registration Opens at 8:30am
Length:           2 mile walk 
Pre-Registration: $20/Adult and $10/Child   
On-Site Reg: $25/Adult and $10/Child 
Events:           TBA 
I want to spread the word from every mountain top in NH. I want to walk in memory of all the women and children that are not here today. I want to walk for all the single dads out there raising their children that will never meet there moms, I want to walk for all the moms and babies out there that have looked the disease in the face and fought harder than they have ever fought before. I want to walk for my little girl, to show her how strong her mom is, and how strong she will grow to be some day!


Coordinator Contact: 
Megan Stuart 603-662-7179
P.O. Box 1051 North Conway, NH 03860
Please Note:  T-shirts supplies are limited so register early!

Join walkers in and thousands nationwide to help us reach our goal of $100 -- and bring hope for healthy lives to millions of mothers and babies every year.
10 percent raised
$0 raised so far in   $100 to go!

Event Updates

2012 Team Challenge
Team Buell!!!! First team to register for 2012!!!
Team Totals
Team Jillian Jane $125 
Team Buell $60
Team  Karsch's for a Cure $60
Team NCA $40
We're looking for teams this year!
Get together a group of your friends, family or co-worker!
There is strength in number so lets see those teams!
Team names will be listed here and updated totals each week. So lets see those donations!!


2014 Fundraising Incentive Levels:
$250 level = Promise Walk Drawstring Tote
$500 level = Navy Blue PW Umbrella
$1,000 level = PW Blanket Throw
$2,500 level = PW Hat, Tumbler, Special Gift
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