OC is going to fall off the map!     This is our final ask: so far, no one has stepped up to lead the 2014 OC walk.   If no one steps, we will not be hosting a walk in this location.  The previous year's coordinators will be there to provide previous history and support.
If interested, please email laney.poye@preeclampsia.org as soon as possible!

Join walkers in and thousands nationwide to help us reach our goal of $100 -- and bring hope for healthy lives to millions of mothers and babies every year.
10 percent raised
$0 raised so far in   $100 to go!

Event Updates


2014 Fundraising Incentive Levels:
$250 level = Promise Walk Drawstring Tote
$500 level = Navy Blue PW Umbrella
$1,000 level = PW Blanket Throw
$2,500 level = PW Hat, Tumbler, Special Gift
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