How You Can Help


Start a walk in your area.  Contact our Director of Community Relations to take the first steps to putting a local walk on the national map.


Volunteer in some other capacity for the Preeclampsia Foundation. There are many ways to make a real difference with education and awareness-raising events, fundraising activities, and supporting families on a local level.


Share your talents by completing a volunteer applicationThis will help us know who has which skills that we may need to tap into from time to time.


Collect pledges for a Promise Walk near you. Ten dollars from ten people is an easy $100! Download Donation Collection Form.


Raise $500 in one week in 7 easy steps. See list to the right.
Spread the Word. Visit, and share about May as Preeclampsia Awareness Month out on your website, blog or social media pages. 
One Week to $500...

Day 1.
  Sponsor yourself for $25
Day 2.  Ask 3 family members for $25
Day 3.  Ask 5 friends to donate $15 
Day 4.  Ask 5 co-workers to sponsor you for $10 (and don't forget to ask your employer about a matching gift program!)
Day 5.  Email 15 contacts and ask for a $10 donation
Day 6. Ask your company for a $75 contribution
Day 7.  Ask two businesses you frequent for $25 

This is a SWEET fundraising site by Blue Sky Collaborative