Why We Walk

We walk to raise awareness…
Too few know the reality and impact of preeclampsia, a life-threatening disorder of pregnancy that affects both the mother and the unborn baby. Yet preeclampsia is not rare:  It happens in as many as one in 12 pregnancies.  And any woman can be affected, regardless of her race, ethnic background, skin color, size, hometown, or whether she is rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle. Even good health and healthy habits aren’t a guarantee of protection against this disorder.

We walk to save lives…
Awareness can lead to timely diagnosis and more diligent health care.

In most cases, if a woman and her doctors realize she has preeclampsia, and it is close to her due date, the baby can be delivered with relatively few problems to either mom or baby.

But sometimes – by some estimates, in about 25% of the cases – serious complications can occur. Preeclampsia affects the mother’s kidneys, liver, brain and other vital organs and can lead to seizures, bleeding in the brain, organ failure, and even death. The baby may suffer from the effects of being born too early, have growth restriction—or may die.

We also now know that women who have had severe preeclampsia go on—at much higher rates than the average woman—to have heart disease and other long-term health issues.

You can read more about preeclampsia and other hypertensive disorders of pregnancy on our website.

We walk to find a cause and a cure…
No one knows yet what causes preeclampsia.  There are no definite ways to prevent it.  Nor is there a cure.  But through research and the efforts of families and those affected, we are making progress.  We have a better understanding today than we had even 10 years ago.

Those of us who have survived or lost a loved one to preeclampsia have promised not to remain unchanged by the experience, but to do all we can to make a difference for others. The Preeclampsia Foundation is making strides and delivering hope—and the Promise Walk is a big part of that. 

We walk with you…
When you participate in The Promise Walk for Preeclampsia, you are taking meaningful strides to save mothers and babies during the most important time in their shared lives, and helping to ensure good health for the rest of their life’s journey. Help us deliver hope today and fulfill our promise to deliver a cure for tomorrow.
The money you raise supports the educational programs of the Preeclampsia Foundation that help moms get the information they need for the healthiest pregnancy outcomes. It also funds research and catalyzes new researchers to embrace this important field of study.
Every stride brings us closer to ensuring healthy pregnancies for all women, and delivers hope to millions of families around the world.

So far you have helped...

  • Fund a half million dollars in new research.
  • Put 120,000 patient education brochures into the hands of pregnant women
  • Increase the number of women who learn about preeclampsia during their pregnancies.
  • Catalyze the passions and careers of thirteen additional new researchers.
  • Provide over 5000 health care providers with the latest information in preeclampsia diagnosis and management.
  • Support 10,000 families during emotionally trying times and through medical complexities.

Every dollar you raise means that every day…

  • 4,000 new website visitors learn more than they knew before.
  • Babies are born to women who wouldn’t have had the courage or information to try again.

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